6 years old, in foster

August 21, 2021: Welcome Amber to SECR!

Introducing our next gem from Operation Corgi Drop 2.0, Amber!

Of all seven mill rescues in this group, Amber is the most withdrawn. She doesn’t make much eye contact with people, is skeptical about leaving her crate, and doesn’t want to eat when people are watching her. The yard is a confusing place for her right now, as she’ll sit in the grass but is too nervous to move or explore.

Amber is in an only-dog home right now because she’s had anxiety around other dogs in the past, but met the resident cats yesterday and showed some curiosity about them. Amber also had her first vet appointment and, like some others in this group, has some dental issues. A good cleaning may be in her future, as will a spay, but for right now we’re being patient and just trying to reassure Amber that she’s in a safe place where she is loved. We hope to see her personality come out with time.

Welcome to the SECR family, precious Amber!