~11 years old, in foster

October 2, 2021: Welcome Bear!

Introducing our newest distinguished gentleman, Bear!

Bear has had a rough couple of years, bouncing around between homes and falling behind on veterinary care following his Dad’s death. We’re happy to have him with us in rescue now, to give him the sense of stability and love he needs and help him get on track with his own health. Bear has some mobility issues – possibly linked to IVDD – that make him a bit unsteady on his feet, but despite being on pain medication and anti-inflammatories and needing an occasional lift and/or help from a ramp to get him where he’s going he’s still an active boy who is eager to play. He’s also experiencing discomfort from a skin condition that went untreated for far too long, so we’re helping him heal with antibiotics and medicated baths and will be consulting with a veterinary dermatology specialist soon.

Bear has some alpha tendencies that sometimes make it difficult for him to know how to interact with other dogs, so in addition to addressing his medical issues we’ll be working on giving him the proper socialization he needs to thrive and share his life with other animals. He’s been struggling for a long time and has a long road in front of him, but we’re happy to have him with us and give him a new chance at the good life he deserves.

Welcome to the family, Bear. We love you already!