~2 years old, corgi/spaniel mix, available for adoption

April 30: Cecil is looking for his forever home!


Cecil is a sweet corgi / spaniel mix that is ready to find his forever home. She came into rescue after being pulled from the shelter. He came into rescue with some anxiety issues due to not having enough opportunities to socialize with people and other animals, but with a lot of TLC and exposure to other dogs and fun in his foster home, Cecil is finally learning that there’s no place he rather be than with a family that loves and plays with him. He’s about 2 years old, friendly, bonds quickly to his people, and loves to romp as much as he does cuddle.

Personality & behaviors:

Cecil is a young, high-energy boy that is eager to please and eager to bond with his human and his foster sibling. He didn’t always have a lot of confidence, so he gets a bit anxious when meeting new people and animals and needs time and patience to figure things out. Once he does, though, this sweet boy loves feeling like part of the family and relishes in playtime with another dog and his people and appreciates all the snuggle time he can get. As an active dog, Cecil needs frequent walks during the day so he can exercise, explore all the good sniff spots, and burn energy in a positive way. He walks well on a leash, loves to do zoomies, and enjoys always being on the go.

While he’s come a long way, Cecil still needs to take his time in social situations and needs someone who can patiently help him work through some lingering separation anxiety. He loves to be where his people are and go with them wherever they go, but Cecil also thrives when he knows he has a space that’s just for him. He’s done well and feels secure with crate training and enjoys having the space to build his “nest” and spend quality time.


Cecil is potty trained and walks well on a leash, but he did have some issues with marking when he first arrived at his foster home. Diligent training has helped Cecil put this issue behind him, but it’s reasonable to expect he may regress a little bit as he gets used to the new lay of his land in his foster home. Cecil has been known to be a bit of a chewer when he gets anxious or bored, so he’ll need a family that can continue to work with him on his confidence and give him all the playtime and exercise he needs to use his energy in a positive way.


Cecil is neutered, up to date on vaccines and heartworm testing, and is taking monthly preventatives for heartworm, fleas, and ticks. He’s a healthy boy but does have some allergies for which he takes medication once a day. He eats well and enjoys his food, but he’s not a piggy by any means. He’s also very slow to eat when he’s anxious, so his new family will need to give him time and patience during mealtimes at first too so he realizes he’s in a safe place where he doesn’t need to worry.


Cecil is a sweet, friendly boy that has a lot of love to give, but he needs time to figure out he’s in a safe place to do that. He’s anxious around new people at first and shouldn’t be pushed to make friends with humans or other dogs – he needs the room and understanding to take things at his own pace. Once he gets his bearings, though, Cecil transforms into a lovebug. He bonds with his people, enjoys endless playtime with other dogs, and will relish in the opportunity to snuggle and cover his humans’ face in kisses.

Forever Home:

Cecil needs an understanding family that can give him the time and space he needs to settle in and build trust. Once he realizes he’s part of the family, he’ll also need people who will always be willing to give him a positive outlet for all his energy – on frequent walks, through lots of playtime, and by taking adventures where he can run, explore, and sniff all the good smells. As a dog with some lingering nervousness issues, he’ll need someone who is ready to help him continue to work through separation anxiety and can provide him with a comfy place to “nest.” Cecil would do well with other active small dogs that can match his energy level and desire to play. Due to his anxiety he should not be in a home with any young children. Older children – over the age of 8 – may be okay if they have experience with dogs and are able to approach him slowly and give him the space he needs to feel comfortable and secure.

Adoption Fee: $300

April 8, 2023: Welcome, Cecil!

Please join us in welcoming our newest SECR newbie, Cecil!

Cecil joins us as our most recent shelter pull and is a sweet boy with a lot of love to give. He’s just not quite used to living indoors with regular interaction from people or other animals. His foster will be working with him on training, socialization, and giving him the confidence he needs to counter his separation anxiety. Luckily he has a trusty and fun corgi mix foster brother who is helping along the way, too, and teaching him what it really means to be a dog.

We’re happy to have you with us, Cecil, and look forward to giving you all the tools you need to thrive!