3 yr old ~ Female – adoption pending ~ foster fail

UPDATE 3/21. After two successful knee surgeries this poor baby is back in the X-pen on pain meds for shoulder issues. Hopefully she will not need another surgery.

UPDATE: 1/29, Cinnamon is having her first ACL surgery today. UPDATE: Good news from the vet! Xrays show that everything is fine with Cinnamon’s back. She does have an ACL injury that may require surgery but that’s a better prognosis than we hoped for.

This girl is very sweet and loves to be loved on. This retired ‘mom,’ got extremely large with puppies and had trouble with her back and getting up on her hind legs. After she had her puppies she was fine til they were about 3 weeks old, then she couldn’t get up on her hind legs. She gets a 20 mg prednisone daily and does well. Still not running around 100%, so she is on restricted space to limit her exercise. She does have muscle loss in those hind legs from just not getting around very well. The last vet felt she has a bulging disc – we will be getting her seen immediately and will update on her condition and prognosis.