10 years old, in foster

June 4, 2022: Welcome Echo!

It’s International Corgi Day and we’ve been celebrating by welcoming some new additions to the SECR family. Say hello to Echo!

Echo joins us as an owner surrender. Due to some personal health and financial issues her family was no longer able to provide her with the care she needed and brought her to us to ensure that she’d get everything she needs to thrive in her senior years. These kinds of decisions are never easy to make, and we’re happy to be here to step in when we’re needed.

We’ll be taking Echo to one of our vets soon to get her caught up on routine care, vaccines, and heartworm testing and preventatives, and in the meantime look forward to helping her settle into her new foster home. Echo is a small corgi and has some fear around other dogs due to previous attacks so we’ll be introducing her to her foster siblings slowly to ensure she knows she’s somewhere safe and with dogs she can trust. Echo also has allergies that require her to be on a non-common protein diet, so we’ll be sticking to salmon formulas and the like with her and keeping a close eye on her health and fitness.

Welcome to the family, Echo. We’re glad to have you with us!