3.5 years old, in foster

May 22, 2022: Welcome Farley!

Please join us in welcoming our newest newbie to the SECR family. Say hello to Farley!

Farley is a sweet young boy who’s been down on his luck for quite some time and needs our help to recover and get on track to a good corgi life. Weighing in at just 13.5 pounds, this little guy is malnourished, dehydrated, and very behind on routine veterinary care. He’s also dealing with PTSD following a car accident. Physically Farley was lucky, having only some bruising from the accident, but the experience caused mental trauma resulting in issues with fear and anxiety. Farley is a work in progress, but we can already tell he’s a trooper and is worth every minute of the time we’ll spend getting him up to a healthy weight, caught up on vet care, and socially ready for life with a safe, new family.

He saw our vet on Friday to get his first series of vaccines, a de-wormer, and a prescription and probiotics for stomach upset. He’ll be headed back soon for the rest of his vaccines (after he gains a little weight), a neuter, and a dental. His teeth are in rough shape and causing him pain, so he’ll likely need an extraction. In the meantime, Farley’s foster parents and his corgi and corgi mix foster siblings will be focusing on helping him gain weight, build trust, and get all the love he needs to begin to thrive.

Farley is not available for adoption at this time.