5 years old, in foster

July 23, 2021: Welcome Finley to SECR!

Who’s heading into the weekend with a new addition to the family? We are! Please give a warm welcome to Finley; we’re so happy to have this little guy with us.

Finley was surrendered to us because his previous owner was unable to devote the time, care, and attention a dog needs to thrive. He’s slowly settling in to his new foster home, but it’s been a rough road. Finley is unsure of himself and how to trust people, so it has taken him a few days to relax enough to do even basic “dog things” like eat a full meal, drink water, relieve himself in the yard, or go for a walk.

More than anything else Finley needs time to decompress, so we’re doing everything we can to let him know he’s in a place where he’s safe and loved. We’re also bringing him up to date on routine veterinary care, vaccines, and preventatives, and there will be a neuter in his future.We’ll share more about Finley as we learn more about him. We’re certainly glad we have that opportunity!