11 yrs ~ corgi mix ~ in foster

September 1, 2021: Welcome Frito to SECR!

The SECR family is growing again! Please help us give a warm welcome to our newest distinguished gentleman, Frito.

We pulled Frito from a shelter where he wound up as a stray, and we’re glad to have him because this guy needs our help with a long list of medical issues. We took him for his first vet appointment as an SECR newbie yesterday, and in addition to battling Cherry Eye in one eye and infection and quite possibly limited site in the other. Frito also has dental disease, arthritis in his spine,  a yeasty skin infection, and a UTI. Frito also has a significant level three heart murmur and we suspect that he is deaf. We’ll be treating his eyes with eye wash and drops, his skin with medicated baths, and his UTI with antibiotics. Frito’s eyes and teeth will need surgical attention and he’ll need more advanced care for his cardiomyopathy, but we are waiting on his labs to come back to confirm his fitness for anesthesia. We’re also getting a radiology consult for what we hope is just a gas build up in his abdomen to rule out any more serious masses.

Frito has a long road ahead of him but despite all his issues he has a warm, loving demeanor and shows a little pep in his step. We’re happy we’re going to give him the chance he deserves. He’ll be placed with one of our special needs fosters that will see him through all his critical medical care and give him the constant reminder that he’s loved.

This is rescue.