11 years old, in foster

August 15, 2021: Welcome Gwyni to SECR!

It’s a beautiful weekend for rescue, and we’re excited to share we’ve made another one. Please give a warm welcome to our newest newbie, Gwyni!

Gwyni comes to SECR from her vet, where she was recently surrendered by her original owner. She is diabetic so she’s on a prescription-only diet and will continue to receive insulin injections twice a day. Gwyni also has some joint and mobility issues and is being treated with daily glucosamine supplements and anti-inflammatories to minimize any stiffness, pain, or discomfort. We’ve only had Gwyni with us for a short time, but can already see she doesn’t let her challenges stand in her way. She is a happy, friendly girl with a lot to say, and we’re happy to listen!

We’re incredibly thankful to Gwyni’s veterinary team for taking her in when she needed help the most, getting her up to date on vaccines and prevention, and for contacting us at SECR so we could do our part. Gwyni will be in great hands with a special needs foster who will make sure she receives the daily treatments she needs and we look forward to seeing her thrive.

This is rescue.