8 years old, in foster

December 21, 2020: Welcome Lula back to SECR!

We always say that once you join the SECR family you have a place in it forever. And, we mean that.

Lula’s Mom and Dad adopted her from us a few years ago and had been giving her the best life a Corgi could ever imagine. She was happy, healthy, and loved. However, both of Lula’s parents sadly passed away this year. Her family is heartbroken, but wanted to ensure that Lula could find the best possible fosters. They were actively involved in our selection process, and Lula safely arrived at her new home this weekend.

Our heart goes out to Lula’s late parents and their surviving family. We are heartbroken over the overwhelming amount of loss they experienced this year, but are happy we were able to help them find the best new home for Lula. They love her so much and we can tell her new fosters already do, too.

We’re lucky to have you, Lula, and will all be working together to do your parents proud.