9 years old, in foster

August 18, 2021: Welcome Opal to SECR!

Introducing the first of seven gems from Operation Corgi Drop 2.0, please put your paws together for Opal!

At 9 years old, Opal is the most senior of this group of mill rescues, and the girl we’re most concerned about health-wise. She’s spent 9 years living at a puppy mill, producing litters for many of those years. This senior girl is not potty trained, has never seen a leash, and doesn’t understand what treats are. She also cowers when her fosters try to pet her, and will need to visit the vet at the end of the week so we can begin addressing several health issues: a limp when she walks, blood from her vagina that may be the result of infection because she is not yet spayed, as well as dental rot.

In just one day, she’s already made steps to befriend her foster sisters, smiled when she had the opportunity to romp in the grass, and gladly accepted the opportunity to find a comfortable spot indoors. Despite being a little unsure, Opal also realized how much she loves a good belly rub. This gem is a prime example of why we rescue, and we’re so happy that we have her in our care so she can spend her senior years knowing love, compassion, fun, and all the good things that come with a quality corgi life.

Welcome to the family, precious Opal. We love you already and promise you that life is going to be better from here on out.