10 yr old ~ Female ~ In foster

Update :  Raven just moved into her foster home a few days ago, so we’ll get more photos soon. Her foster mom had her at the vet this morning for a follow up appointment and said she saw the first hint of a nubbin wag!

Meet Raven:  Raven was an owner surrender and came in with Murphy. The pair wasn’t bonded, however, so it was decided to foster them separately. Raven has some health issues that we want to make sure to keep on top of so it made sense to place her in a home where she could be monitored closely. Raven is obese and has what appears, based on blood work, to be early kidney disease, possibly brought on by the use of NSAID’s. (NSAID’s are a type of medication used as anti inflammatory.) Raven has hip dysplasia and elbow arthritis, most likely exacerbated if not caused by her weight. We’ll be making sure Raven gets a special renal diet and stays well hydrated. We’ll be working on helping her slim down too! Raven has several lipomas and needs some dental work. We will be running further tests on her to make sure that there are no other issues. Welcome to SECR, Raven!

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