Scarlett and Henry

8-year-old bonded corgi mixes, in foster

July 7 2021: Welcome Scarlett O’Hara and Henry Fonda to SECR!

Please join us on the red carpet to welcome SECR’s newest star-studded duo, Scarlett O’Hara and Henry Fonda!

Scarlett and Henry are bonded 8-year-old Norfolk Terrier/Corgi mixes who join us following a shelter pull, where they were surrendered as part of a group of 10 dogs and 6 birds. Both pups came to us with a number of issues we are currently treating to put them on the road to wellness.

Both Scarlett and Henry need help with a healthy diet, with Scarlett being the most overweight and struggling a bit with breathing and mobility (even a short walk is a lot to tackle right now) because of it. They are both currently taking Metronidazole for stomach upset – Henry’s the result of Colitis – and Scarlett is also on antibiotics for irritation on her rear end due to a few too many fat folds. Skin irritation from allergies or possible flea exposure in their previous home is also an issue for both Henry and Scarlett, which we hope to see improve as we begin to transition them to a healthier dry food with fish. A dental cleaning and, for Scarlett, an extraction, are also in these pups’ future.

Henry and Scarlett (and their foster) are dealing with a lot, but they aren’t letting temporary health setbacks get them down. They have a sweet temperment, crave all the human attention they can get, and rely on eachother for comfort. Scarlett and Henry do literally everything together and one won’t even eat or take a (currently short) walk without the other.

We’ll share more about this bonded pair as soon as we know more about them, but for now getting them settled and their immediate health issues taken care of is a top priority.

Welcome to the family, Scarlett and Henry! We’ll all be lining up for your autographs and a selfie as soon as you’re both up to it!