16-17 year old ~ Male ~ Forever foster

Update 9/9/19 — Our vet was pleased with how well Sebastian is doing for his age! His numbers were off in a couple of areas – pre kidney failure and pre anemic, but she feels optimistic that with a special diet and weight loss, Sebastian will be able to get close to the normal range. He does have significant arthritis and that is something we’ll be working on, to ease his discomfort and modify his world so that he can maximize movement. It’s been a busy day for this boy, so now it’s time to rest and relax!


This beautiful old soul was just surrendered to an NC shelter. His elderly mom was unable to care for him anymore – she was not able to even care for herself.  She couldn’t afford to have him put down so the shelter was his only option. The shelter is full, but they posted him, hoping that a rescue could help, and that maybe if he could shed some weight that maybe he might have a few quality months or even years left. We had to get him today to save him, so our volunteers sprang into action and he will soon be safe with us. We will update as we know more after his vet visit. We don’t think he’s had much care recently so hopefully he has no serious illnesses.

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