18 months ~ Female ~ in foster

Meet Tali. This gorgeous young girl was being rehomed due to a divorce. One of our dedicated fosters saw her posted and got her safely into rescue. She is friendly and good with people and other dogs. She also lived with a young child. We’ll be getting her up to date on routine health needs and working on basic obedience. More info to come.

Update: Her foster mom says “She’s still sweet but she’s also a little wild puppy. She is a very bossy corgi and is very vocal about it. And she’s a chewer. We are down one flip flop, a shoe lace and one toms shoe. She nips heels a different way, she bites your calves. I stop walking as soon as she does it and turn my back on her when she barks at me right after. Then praise her when she doesn’t do it. We’re trying to teach her fetch because we don’t have many ways to exercise her besides walks (and it’s SO hot out) and tug of war. Wish I had a treadmill! I tried a treat puzzle but she didn’t seem to get it. I’m going to get her one of those everlasting chew toys because she doesn’t seem to want to chew on any of her toys.