6 years old, in foster

November 5, 2021: Welcome Valkyrie!

We’re heading into the weekend with a growing family. Please put your paws together for our newest addition to SECR, Valkyrie!

Valkyrie is a sweet, 6-year-old corgi / border collie mix and we’re happy to have her with us to help her through a few critical health issues. She’s been battling a painful dislocated hip from a previous injury that will require surgery to repair, and also needs treatment for her resulting advanced arthritis. She’ll be seeing our veterinary specialists for a surgical consult soon, and will have several weeks of recovery post-surgery during which time she may need mobility assistance from a sling (and her humans). Valkyrie also has elevated eye pressure, so we’ll be monitoring that and taking her to a cardiologist and ophthalmologist if it doesn’t improve on its own.

Sometimes it takes a village when it comes to corgi care, and we’re certainly happy to have Valkyrie as part of ours. Welcome to the family, sweet girl! We’ll get you on your feet as soon as we can.