Wade Wilson

8 years old, in foster

January 3, 2022: Welcome Back, Wade Wilson!

When you join the SECR family, you’re a member for life – even if that means you have to come back into rescue after having been adopted. Such is the case with Wade Wilson, a now 8-year-old senior that has come back to us following some health and other life changes in his human family. His Mom was no longer able to provide the care and attention Wade needs to thrive, so she made the difficult decision to bring him back to us.

Wade is settling in nicely to his new foster home and is adjusting to living with his new, younger foster brother, Henry. He’ll need some time to decompress, and then we’ll be working helping him lose weight and get on a healthy diet and exercise plan.

We’re so glad we can be there for you, Wade Wilson, and are happy to have you back with us!