5 years old, in foster

UPDATE JUNE 1, 2020:


The calendar may say it’s Monday, but Clyde’s head says Sunday. Definitely Sunday.

UPDATE APRIL 21, 2020:


Need a little dose of Clyde to brighten your day? Of COURSE you do — who doesn’t?!

Like all our other fosters, Clyde is loving all the attention he and his foster siblings are getting from Mom and Dad while in quarantine. He’s also been able to experience the benefits of telemedicine! Clyde’s foster Mom reports that he had a scab on his nose that just didn’t seem to want to heal, but she was able to send a picture to his veterinary specialist and get advice from a distance on how to adjust Clyde’s medicine. It worked, and as you can see, Clyde is looking as handsome as ever!

This is an unprecedented time for our pets just as much as it is for humans, and we’re lucky that the vets we rely on are still doing everything they can to help keep our Corgis happy and healthy – successfully – even when they can’t see them in person.

UPDATE MARCH 19, 2020:


Geeze, Clyde. I know we’re all stuck at home in close quarters for a while, but that doesn’t mean you get the WHOLE blanket, ok? It’s mine!”

Mia, Clyde’s perfect side-eye-showing foster sister


Update 9/20:  All but 2 scabs have dried up and fallen off leaving one big one in his ear and one on his neck. Eating voraciously and getting a figure back. Started using the stairs yesterday and jumping up and down for attention so assuming back end feels stronger. We are still waiting on the results of his biopsy to determine if he might have dermatomyositis and not pemphigus.

UPDATE 9/9:  Also ‘sprung’ from the vet this evening, we are amazed by this boy’s resilience. Close examination by his foster indicates that the inflammation has improved after three days of antibiotics and we’re hoping that the trend continues. Paws crossed for you, Clyde!!

UPDATE 9/7:  Our vet has seen Clyde and believes he is suffering from pemphigus, an autoimmune condition. He has begun an antibiotic course. If improvement isn’t seen after 4 days, he will need to have a skin biopsy to pinpoint the infectious agent. It has extended to the mucosa of his eyes and nose so he is also on a eye med as well as a pain killer. Clyde is experiencing discomfort and pain so the fact that he has still tolerated change and movement is a true testament to the sweet temperament of this boy.

Welcome Clyde: No, it’s not mange, or flea bites or any of the other things our minds might jump to. We are constantly learning in rescue and one of the things we know for sure is that it’s best to wait for an official diagnosis. Unfortunately, we do not have any vet records for Clyde but based on his appearance, his symptoms and what his previous owners have told us, we believe he suffers from pemphigus, an autoimmune skin disease. Clyde has been on a steroid treatment in the past but not for the last 8 months or so. He was surrendered because his owners simply did not have the resources to care for him. We will be getting Clyde completely evaluated by our vet and determining the best course of treatment for this poor boy. The discomfort of his condition has had an impact on his personality and behavior but we hope to see more of that corgi joy come shining through when he gets to a place where he’s feeling better!

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