Our Team

Our Team

The work of Southeast Corgi Rescue is carried out by many, and fosters and volunteers are the backbone of all we do for these dogs. We’re also blessed with a wonderful board that manage things behind the scenes – like the website, and fundraising and community education to mention just a few areas. For the day to day running of things, however, you will most likely hear from one of the three people who call these corgis their own.


Helping mom with all her different roles at SECR takes two of us! We’re both rescues so we know the ins and outs of the business. Mom handles the adoption applications after they come in and is in charge of financial matters.

It takes a lot of work to review everything, but she always does a thorough job because she wants to make sure that each corgi finds the best fit in their new home – just like we found ours!


From BEN:

I’m actually a happy little guy but my eyebrows always give me a slightly concerned look. I share my corgi kingdom with two cats, twin boys, and the occasional foster. As a former rescue, I make an awesome foster brother and can help show new dogs the ropes.

Things stay busy around here as my human wears many hats. On top of working full time, she finds and organizes fosters and other volunteers for SECR and facilitates owner surrenders and shelter pulls. I’m a herding dog, but Mom has the search instinct for corgis in need and there’s always someone new coming into rescue!



My human lives in North Carolina but loves to travel to the other SECR states (SC and GA) to meet corgis and their families. Her corgi addiction began at age 3 when her family brought home their first corgi puppy.

I was found as a stray wandering the highway near Winston Salem and made my way to rescue. When I’m not helping answer internet and email inquiries about adoptions and posting to FB, you’ll most likely find me in the ‘dead cockroach’ position, snoring and enjoying my role as queen of the household.