Dogs In Our Care

NOTE:  Due to the CORIV-19 epidemic, we have temporarily suspended adoptions to ensure the health and safety of our volunteers and our dogs. We were able to get a few dogs to their furever homes just before the suspension went into place.   We will continue to accept and process adoption applications so we can place dogs as quickly as possible when it becomes safe to do so.   We are also actively seeking new foster families at this time as, sadly, we anticipate an increase in dogs needing to find new homes. 

When Corgis come in Southeast Corgi Rescue, they are first evaluated by a veterinarian and placed in a foster home while being treated for any medical conditions they may have.  Foster caregivers also evaluate the personality and need of the dog and work on basic training and social conditioning to make the dogs ready for adoption.

If you are interested in adopting from SECR please go to our ADOPT page to learn about our adoption process, fill out an adoption application and get on our adoption waiting list.  We are always in need of foster homes, so please consider filling out a foster application (HERE) as well.  Thank you!

When dogs are ready for adoption and we are actively seeking applications for them, they will be listed on Petfinder.  After they are adopted you can find their profile on our SECR Alumni page

Listed below are current SECR dogs “In Foster”. Make sure to click on their picture to learn more about them 🙂 You can see more pictures and follow the dogs on Facebook & Instagram & Twitter:

*Please note many of these dogs are not yet available for adoption.*


~2 years old, Corgi Mix, in Foster


3-4 years ~ Female ~ Corgi ~ 32.9 lbs ~  in foster


2 years old ~ Male ~ Corgi ~ in Foster


3.5 years old ~ Female ~ Cardigan Mix ~ in Foster


10 months old, in Foster


14 month old ~ Male ~ Corgi mix ~ 20 lbs ~ In Trial Adoption


5 yr old ~ Female ~ In foster


Male ~ 1 year old ~ in foster


5 yr old ~ Male ~ In foster


1 year old ~ Female ~ Mix ~ In Foster


Male ~  4 years old ~ Corgi ~ In Foster


Female ~ 2-3 years old ~ in foster


Male ~ 11 months old ~ in foster


10 yr old ~ Female ~ In foster


2 yr old ~ Male ~ In foster


6 year old ~ Female ~ In foster


Senior ~ Male ~  Forever foster


Senior ~ Female ~ Corgi mix ~ Forever foster


Male ~ 3-4 yr old ~ corgi mix ~ in foster


Adult ~ Female ~ Corgi mix ~ In foster