UPDATE 9/13/2020

It breaks our hearts to share the news that this week we had to say goodbye to one of our very own Golden Girls, Luna.

Luna was abandoned at a shelter at the age of 14. Her former owners gave up on her, leaving her at a shelter rather than being there for her in her greatest time of need. When we found out about her our volunteers jumped into action and picked her up. This gentle senior came to us with a UTI, hip issues, and a vulvar mass that made her uncomfortable, nervous, and restless. We had her seen by three different vets, including surgeons at the vet school. Sadly, she had an invasive vulvar mass that was not surgically resectable, along with mammary masses (she had never been spayed).

We did our best to give her dignity and make her comfortable, but her mass grew and invaded her bladder and rectum, and she was in pain. Yet, despite everything Luna was going through, she always did her best to let her sweet disposition shine, let us know that she was incredibly grateful for our love and affection, and give us love in return.

We didn’t have Luna long, and for that we are sorry. She deserved better and we wish she had joined the SECR family sooner so that we would have had a chance to save her. In a way we did, though, because we let her know for however short a time that she was loved and that her life meant something.

This, friends, is rescue. It’s not all about cute, “perfect” puppies. It’s about being there for all the dogs that need us – especially the old, sick, and discarded ones – and being strong enough to make the tough decisions for them when they need us the most. Rest in peace, sweet Luna. Our lives are better for having known you and seeing your heart of gold.

Welcome Luna to SECR!

We have another Golden Girl in the house! Please put your paws together for Luna, a sweet senior Cardigan girl who who we pulled from the shelter where her previous owners left her after her aging health issues became more than they wanted to handle. Luna is safe with us now, and we’re already working with vets to ensure she gets all the healthcare she needs. She has some hip issues, a possible UTI, and a growth we’re having tested. So far Luna is still nervous – she paces quite a bit – and doesn’t understand the comfort of a doggie bed. We think she probably spent her life pacing in a pen and sleeping on a cold floor. However, in the short time Luna has been with us she seems to know her foster parents are showering her with love, and she returns it with lots of kisses. We hope to see her settle in nicely soon and will keep you posted on her progress.