Update November 19, 2020:

It’s very difficult for us to share the news that our sweet Moby left us too soon and crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night.

When Moby joined the SECR family in October we knew he had heartworms and would be facing an aggressive treatment that is hard for any dog’s system to handle. He had his first adulticide treatment yesterday, and a few hours after the injection began experiencing shortness of breath. His foster Mom, who has been by Moby’s side since he joined our family, rushed him to the emergency vet where doctors tried everything they could to try to help Moby. However, he had gone into cardiac arrest and even after CPR, and emergency Intravenous epinephrine and atropine, Moby could not be revived. He most likely suffered a massive pulmonary worm embolism, which occurs when pieces of dead worm break off and float into blood vessels in the lungs. In the most severe cases, embolisms are fatal. While we know this can happen, it is very rare, and his death was a terrible blow to us all.

We mourn when we lose any one of our fosters or alums, but losses like this hit hardest because they didn’t need to happen. We are, quite literally, heartbroken that Moby is no longer with us and will miss him and his loving disposition terribly. We’re also thankful that his foster Mom and veterinary team did everything they possibly could to try to prevent the unthinkable.

Please remember that heartworm disease is serious and completely avoidable. To honor Moby and any other dog you know and love, please talk to your vet about monthly heartworm prevention and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

October 18, 2020: Welcome Moby to SECR!

Some say Sundays are for rest, but at SECR, they’re for rescue! Please join us in welcoming the newest Corgo in the family, Moby!

Moby comes to us today as an owner surrender because he was having difficulty getting along with the other male dog in his home. We’ll be spending time getting Moby settled in with his foster and up to date on routine healthcare and preventatives, as well as treated for heart worms. While we haven’t had Moby with us long, we already know he’s a very sweet and affectionate boy that certainly enjoys all the pets and snuggles from people!

We’ll post more about Moby as we learn more about him, but don’t look for him at a techno rave or on the cover of a best-selling album anytime soon. He says he’s looking forward to the simple Corgi life and spending his days spreading and love and hugs among all his adoring human fans.