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Beware Outdoor Surface Temperatures On An Average Southern Summer Day

The summer heat is just getting started.  For those of us in the south, it can feel like an impossible task trying to exercise our dogs to keep them fit and at a healthy weight when not only the air outside, but every thing touched by the sun becomes blisteringly hot.

Here are some things to keep in mind…

Dogs have burn & pain threshold similiar humans:

  • 120°F: the initial pain threshold for direct skin contact without permanent damage.
  • 140°F: burns, permanent damage, and scarring appear after one minute contact.
  • 150°F: rapid burns and blistering.

Here’s a look at the surface temperature of grass, concrete, red brick and blacktop on a 95 degree day — NOTE:  Though not included on the chart, light grey leather seats were recorded reaching 150 degrees (black leather would, of course, be much hotter.)   Also, many parts of the south can reach well over 100 degree during the summer so surface temperatures then would be even worse.

So, please keep your pets safe this summer — Beware the hot sun, hot cars, and hot outdoor surface temperatures.

Thank you!