It’s April and We’re not Foolin’… We need your help!


We wish it wasn’t true, but — the needs of rescue are never ending and we literally can not do what we need to do for the dogs without your help and support. 

We’re just one quarter of the way through 2023, and already it’s been one of our most expensive years in SECR history as we face our rescues’ growing list of medical, rehabilitation, and training needs head on.

Were talking about…

Rory, Bear, Chester, and Wally who have life-long orthopedic issues requiring regular specialty medical care and mobility equipment, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.



Our senior boy Ross, who just had treatment for a UTI and GI upset along with some respiratory issues.


We know we ask for your help often, and today’s request is no joke. There are just so many rescue dogs currently in our care who have undergone previous trauma and need advanced medical evaluations and training to get to a healthy place mentally and socially.


We desperately want to continue giving rescue dogs the second chance at a good life they may otherwise never have. Any amount you can give will go a long way in providing the care our rescues need, and we’re grateful for every penny.

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Thank you!