4.5 years old, in foster

Update March 12, 2021

We’re happy to report that Chester is home with his foster parents and resting comfortably after his big days in the ER. He continues to be in good spirits, and looks pretty dapper in his new bowtie!

Results from Chester’s testing confirm that he isn’t a good candidate for surgery because there is no compression to his spine. He has a disc injury that has likely caused permanent damage to the middle of his spine, however, and it’s unlikely that he’ll be able to regain mobility in his hind legs. He’ll be fitted for a fancy new set of wheels that will help him get around without having to drag his back legs behind him and also build up some overall fitness that he’s currently lacking due to mild muscle atrophy. Given that there is no compression to his spine he can go on short walks with support from his walker and his humans to make sure he doesn’t drag his feet and risk any further rubs or wounds. We’ll also be enrolling Chester in rehab and physical therapy to make sure that he can keep up his strength.

Chester is also receiving medication for hookworm and, at least in the short term, will be receiving medication to help fully express his bladder. Dogs with paralysis like his are often unable to fully express their urine so in order to avoid any resulting infection and discomfort his fosters have been trained by our vets to fully express his bladder each day. We hope that in time he’ll be able to urinate more reliably on his own, but it’s possible that this may need to be part of his lifelong care plan.This is all a lot for a young Corgi, but Chester’s fighting spirit and his foster parents’ dedication to giving him the care he needs are an indication that he will do well with his new wheels and ongoing therapy. He’ll be visiting the neurologist for a follow-up appointment in a couple of weeks and we’ll keep you posted in how it goes. In the meantime all his fans can rest assured that he’s in good, loving hands that are intent on giving him a good life.

Thank you again for all your support this week in getting Chester the care he needs!

March 6, 2021: Welcome Chester to SECR!

It’s the weekend, and you know what that means… the SECR crew is out there helping pups in need! Say hello to our newest addition to the family, Chester.

Chester comes to us as an owner surrender. He has an injury to his back legs that has, at least for now, immobilized them and his owners weren’t able to provide the special care he needs. We’re happy we were able to step in to try to help this sweet boy. Chester will be settling in at his new home today and then our first order of business is to take him to a specialist to evaluate his condition. We haven’t known him long, but it didn’t take much time to see that Chester is a loving Corgi that soaks up the attention from anyone who is willing to give it and badly wants to play with other dogs. He’s on strict rest for now to prevent any further injury, but we’re hopeful we can put him on the road to recovery soon.

Welcome to the family, Chester!