8 month old ~ Male ~ Corgi mix ~ In foster

This little guy is small, full of puppy vigor, and learning how to live in a caring foster home. Fennec (formerly Pickles) was surrendered to a shelter because he bit his owner. When they dropped him off they said “we don’t care if you put him down”. When he first got to the shelter he was terrified and growling, baring his teeth as they tried to get him. He would not let people near his neck to put on his leash. The shelter director worked with Fennec for weeks, slowly earning his trust. He and the rescue director showed Fennec that people were good, and helped him modulate some of his bad behaviors.

Fennec is now with one of our fosters. He was scared when he first arrived, but is learning that life is good. At the shelter he tried to chase a cat but stopped when the dog-savvy cat put him in his place. He was ok with some dogs after appropriate introductions.

Welcome little fox!