2-year-old down-eared corgi, in foster

March 28, 2022: Welcome Jax!

We’re kicking off the week with another SECR newbie! Please say hello to Jax!

Jax comes to us as an owner surrender after nipping a young child. He’s been in and out of several homes in his short life and developed various social anxieties, and we’re happy to have the opportunity to work with him on training, socialization, and general confidence-building skills to make him more comfortable around people and other animals. Jax saw the vet today to get caught up on routine health care – including getting tested for heartworm and beginning his monthly prevention for that and fleas and ticks. He was also prescribed medication for some skin allergies and an antibiotic for a likely UTI. Knowing that his medical needs are taken care of, we look forward to helping Jax get settled into his new foster home and become the best little down-eared corgi he can be.

Welcome to the family, Jax!