6 years old, in foster

May 16, 2022: Welcome Rory!

Weekends are for rescue, and this one was spent welcoming several newbies to the SECR family. This is Rory.

Rory was surrendered to us because she was having difficulty getting along with other dogs in the household, so upon her arrival we were prepared to place her in a foster home where she’d be the only dog, working on training and socialization needs as the Queen of her castle. What we weren’t expecting, though, is that Rory would come to us with critical health issues and in need of an immediate trip to the vet. Her nails were long, cutting into her paw pads, and making her bleed. She was also dragging her feet behind her, unable to walk. Rory’s new fosters took her to the vet first thing this morning, where she was sedated for nail treatment and to get x-rays on her legs and hips. She has loose wrists in all four legs causing her to stand in a plantar position, a condition that may be the result of joint degeneration or a change in her joints from an immune disorder. She also appears to have mild arthritis in her spine and hips.

We’re waiting on Rory’s lab results, but in the meantime we’ll be making an appointment with a specialist for a joint tap to rule out an immune disorder, get a surgical consult, and begin physical therapy. We’ll also be treating Rory with anti-inflammatories for pain and getting her on a healthy diet to lose a few pounds. In addition to improving her overall wellness, weight loss with help improve Rory’s mobility by putting less of a strain on her hips, back, elbows, and other joints. She’s another newbie with a long recovery journey in front of her. While it wasn’t one we expected, it’s a road we’ll definitely get on with her. Because this is rescue, and this is what we do. If you want to help dogs like Rory, please visit our website for more information about our foster program and submit your application.