3 year old ~ female ~ Adopted ~ Foster fail

Update: Despite having been shot in the past and still having pellets in her skull and almost dying under anesthesia, this pretty girl is full of love and spirit. We’ll be scheduling her spay at NC State where they can monitor her closely while anesthetized.

Update: This striking girl has completed her heartworm treatment. Her energy has improved a lot, but she continues to a chronic cough and nasal congestion, which has persisted despite heartworm treatment, allergy meds, a grain free diet, and several rounds of antibiotics. Her xrays were non-diagnostic. We had her seen at a veterinary specialty hospital, and they recommended a nasal endoscopy and possibly a CT scan if her symptoms do not resolve after heartworm treatment. Any donations to help with her care would be VERY much appreciated. Thank you!

Pretty Freya was a shelter rescue and we think she has the coloring of a Vallhund. Look those up – they’re kind of like the Norwegian cousin of corgis. This girl weighs in at about 22 lbs and has a sweet and fun loving nature. She is heartworm positive but came to us with an upper respiratory infection that we are working on clearing up before her spay and heartworm treatment. Freya also tested postive for Ehrlicia and Lyme which we have treated for. With all dogs that come to us as strays or shelter pulls with no known history, we run a Snap 4dX test to check for not only heartworm but other tickborn illnesses as well. Freya is doing well with children and other dogs. We think she is adorable, and her fosters agree!