1 year old ~ male ~ adopted 5/2019

Very rarely do we get puppies into rescue, but we are the third landing spot for this little guy. Meet Frodo. Frodo was bought as a puppy and had a family. Something happened, and he bit a two-year-old, so he was sold on Craigslist. His second family got him neutered and began to work with him, however, he is a high drive, herdy, nippy, active boy, and the senior jack russell in the home would have none of it and fights ensued. Frodo also was a little nippy when his collar was manipulated. With much sadness, this family decided that Frodo would be best placed in a home that could provide him with the exercise and training that he needed, and with a companion who would put up with his energy. He is a beautiful and friendly guy but needs some training. Frodo is not available for adoption at this time and will be in foster working on his training.