4.5 yr old ~ Male ~ Adopted ~ Foster fail

Update:  Griffyn and his fosters have been working hard on training and weight loss. They have been going for walks when the day is the coolest, and he is doing so well! He is doing really well on leash training, and also is getting his corgi physique back. He was obese when he came in, and had some joint issues despite being only 4. Look at his waist now! He has also been working on his resource guarding and dog reactivity and is doing much better.

Update (4/4): He had his first vet visit with us yesterday and he has some ‘things’ going on. Arthritis and hip dysplasia. Losing weight will help. We will work on treating, managing and helping him feel his healthiest self. Foster mom introduced him to a couch ramp so that he get up and down from the sofa comfortably – and Griffyn is already a pro! Thanks so much to Orso The Corgi‘s mom for the ramp!

Met Griffyn This boy just wants to be loved. Sadly, he came from a home that kept him indoors all the time and trained him to pee pads. He seems to be timid around loud noises and sudden movements, more so than is normal, so we question how kindly he was treated as well.

Griffyn was rescued from that situation by a well meaning family that soon found out that they couldn’t handle yet another dog – so into rescue he came!

He will be seeing the vet tomorrow for a full work up but we look forward to sharing more about him in the weeks to come.

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