Indiana Bones

6 yr old ~ Male ~ Transferred to behavioral specialist

Ah, this boy, enough personality and good looks to sweep Marion Ravenwood off her feet. If we could only get him to wear a fedora and crack a whip, we could probably get him a starring role in the movies. On the other hand, however, he is decidedly smarter than some film stars and would know enough to step out of the way of a careening boulder rather than running in front of it….

An owner surrender, Indy is AKC-registered, neutered, potty-trained, up-to-date on shots/heartworm meds, and trained in several commands. As we’ve mentioned, he is a smart dog. Sometimes a little too smart, as he likes to sneak people food. Indy knows: sit, stay, come, down, go, fetch, play dead, roll over, twirl, beg, and drop. He loves to be outside if it’s not too hot. We’re getting to know Indy and will post when he’s ready for adoption. We know you’re going to ask, though, so initial thoughts are – no kids, no cats, and no other dogs but we’ll have to see….