2 year old ~ female ~ Adopted ~ April 2019!
Leah is the happy victim of foster failure – Her foster family fell in love with her and adopted her!

Well, hello, corgeous!! Beautiful and young, this little girl is new to our rescue. Sadly, she had to leave her former home because, like many corgi girls, she is a diva and wanted all the attention to herself and was fighting with the other dog in the home. She had also been getting a little snippy. We placed her with a foster with no other pets and she has been doing great! A little chunky when she came in, her fosters are working on getting her trim and healthy – with controlled meals and lots of lovely walks. Leah is a huge fan of the walks but not so much of the reduced meal portions :).

Leah gets very excited when we her fosters get home each day, and they get a big kick out of it. She barks and spins around and wags her nub! Leah is healthy and up to date on vaccinations. Her dental cleaning is scheduled in a couple weeks to polish up her pearly whites. She also displays some resource guarding so her fosters will be working with a trainer to get great tips on how to help her past that behavior. So far, slow introductions with neighborhood dogs have gone well. No report on the cat situation yet!