Nutmeg ~ 6 year old female ~ Adopted May 2019!

Update from Nutmeg’s foster mom: Nutmeg was spayed in Oct. and had her dental exam then also…no medical or dental issues. She is crated at night and never makes a peep. In the am, she heads directly to the door to go out before breakfast. She loves the outdoors and must have a safe, fenced area. She loves to run! and loves to sit and watch the world around her. No bad habits, doesn’t dig, doesn’t chew, doesn’t bark. Slimming down on home cooked chicken and mixed veggies. Eats every pea and carrot. She has been slow to accept leash training, and doesn’t play with toys, but we are working on that.

File your application early, she is a very popular girl. Friendly with all the dogs she has met, and our adult cat shares her crate at times. Think she will do better with daytime attention, but very willing to crate when I have to go out. And taking the stage is NUTMEG SPICE. Sister to Poppy Spice, this is a lovely sable retired mom. With no known health issues, we will be working on her weight, having her spayed (today!) and getting her used to family life. She loves the feel of grass under her paws.

From her foster: Nutmeg is on day 4 in foster and undergoing a transformation …we let her out at 6:30, she roamed the yard for a half hour, then came back in. She’s headed for spay this am but in the meantime is roaming the house(the uncarpeted part). The first night she wet in her crate, but nothing since. We have some confidence that she is outside enough to take care of her needs. She will walk by herself dragging the leash, but will not be led by it…yet. Every day is a new world for her. She has had no reaction to our cat, and yesterday the cat went into the crate and they napped together.