Pippin ~ 6 year old ~ male ~ Adopted ~ Foster fail
Update: Pippin is recovering well from his eye surgery. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed and allowed us to get it done.l The veterinary ophthalmologist said his eye looks great and well moistened. This little boy has been through so much but remains sweet and loving.

Update: Pippin was seen by a veterinary ophthalmologist today. His left eye is uncomfortable and very dry; the initial medication that he was placed on to increase tear duct production has not been working, and he’s likely been in pain. His left eye is smaller than his right, and is scarred and inflamed. He’s likely had this condition his whole life, but whoever had him did not adequately treat it. The vet is trying a different medication to help stimulate tear production and help with his eye pain. Hopefully this will work and he will not need to have his eye removed. Despite all this he was a very good boy at the vet, and we are thankful that we have him in rescue and can help.

Meet Pippin. He was abandoned at a vet’s office in rural NC. We think he was dumped by a back yard breeder. The vet contacted a local corgi friend, who kept him for a while in attempts to find his owner. No owner was found so we brought him into rescue. He’s about 6 years old, but unfortunately has a number of serious issues. He appears to have dry eye syndrome and a corneal laceration so we will need to have him seen by a veterinary ophthalmologist, and he may need surgery. His heartworm test came back high positive, indicating a high burden of disease, so we had to postpone his neuter until he can complete his treatment. He also tested positive for ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne disease that can cause anemia, bleeding, lameness, eye hemorrhage, and neurological problems if untreated. And he has a misaligned jaw and other dental issues. Despite all these issues, he is a lovable and friendly guy.