11 month old ~ Male ~ Transferred to Celtic Corgi Rescue

Update:  Rowan needed more intensive training then we were able to provide at this time for his fear aggression.  Fortunately, Celtic Corgi Rescue had a volunteer with considerable experience and success with this type of aggression. Rowan is doing well in his new foster home and making great strides with his training.

Update: He is adorable, full of energy, and brilliant. But, like some corgis, he has resource guarding with accompanying aggression. We are looking for someone willing to work with him (with a trainer). He has nipped his current foster while guarding food. His trainer says he is very smart and learns quickly. It is so rewarding to see badly-behaved rescue dogs learn to become good canine citizens,

Meet Rowan. This baby is 11 months old. He was surrendered to a shelter after he bit two children. When he first got to the shelter he was terrified and aggressive. As soon as his bite quarantine was over, we were able to rescue him. We never know what we will be getting when we rescue a corgi that has been labeled aggressive. However the shelter environment can be terrifying for any dog. We see so many dogs that have completely different personalities once they are safe and secure and in the loving hands of a foster. We had been posting for an only pet herding dog experienced foster for a while but got very few applications. Thankfully, one of our adoption applicants who had no other pets agreed to foster him so we could rescue him.

Rowan is in foster and new to the rescue. He is not yet available for adoption.