6 months old ~ male ~ Adopted

Meet Aidan. This beautiful boy is only 6 months old. Sadly, his owner realized that his current situation living in a small apartment and inconsistent work schedule, in addition to not having another playmate was not a good fit for his puppy. Aidan remained very anxious despite going on regular walks and getting as much attention as his owner was able to provide him. His owner hired a trainer who has been working with him on his anxiety but Aidan has remained anxious, and his owner felt that he really wasn’t happy with his current living situation. He loves this boy, but realized that the situation wasn’t going to get better. With a very heavy heart, he decided that he needed to surrender Aidan to rescue while he is still young, so that we could find him a home where he could have someone home with him during the day and where he had a fenced yard to run and play in.

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