Male ~  4 years old ~ Corgi ~ Adopted by fosters

Update June 16, 2020:

Chewie adoption announcement

Since joining us at SECR, Chewie has taken quite the journey of self-healing and has settled into life as an adored family Corgi nicely. He’s undergone treatment for the leg injury with which he arrived, battled heart worm and weight loss like a champ, and has a new and improved Corgi smile following a much needed dental.

It goes without saying that Chewie’s journey wouldn’t be possible without the love, care, and dedication of his awesome foster family (including his SECR foster sister, Raven), who stuck by his side every step of the way. They went through a lot together, and it’s not surprising that in this time they developed a pretty indestructable bond. It warms our hearts to announce today that Chewie has officially graduated from SECR foster to alum, and has been adopted by his fosters.

We’ve loved seeing this relationship blossom and wish Chewie and his wonderful family the happiest of forevers together.

Update April 15, 2020:


Earlier this week we shared on our Facebook page that Chewie was preparing to go in for his next rounds of heartworm treatment. Today, we’re excited to tell you that he made it through both procedures and is resting comfortably at home on the couch.

Chewie’s foster Mom tells us he’s doing well and is much more alert following these treatments than he was the first time around, but he is tired and will need to take it easy for a bit to recuperate. Chewie is a trooper and we look forward to him being back to his normal self in no time.

We know we say this often, but please make sure your pups are on monthly heartworm prevention and encourage the other dog Moms and Dads in your life to do the same. These meds are, quite literally, life savers.

Update 3/14/2020:


This was a big week for our sweet boy Chewie, who spent some time at the vet for Heartworm treatment. We’re happy to report he did well and is resting comfortably at home – albeit with a lot of medication – until his follow-up appointment on the 18th.

We’re lucky we got Chewie when we did and can give him the care he needs. But, unfortunately, many dogs aren’t so lucky. Heartworm is a serious disease that not only impacts the heart, but also the lungs and other major organs, and could lead to death if it goes untreated. The good news is, it’s a disease that is 100% preventable with monthly preventatives. Please make sure you and all the dog owners you know keep up with monthly Heartworm prevention. If you have questions, talk to your vet!

Update 1/14/2020:

Chewbacca (aka Chewie) came into SECR foster in Jan 2020 with a lower leg injury and heart worms

Personality & Behaviors:  Friendly, cheerful, and settling in comfortably with his new foster family.

Training: Unknown

Medical:  He is being treated for heart worms and is on a diet for his weight.

Socialization: Unknown

Overall: We will share more as we get to know him.

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