13 yr old ~ Male ~ Corgi ~ 36 lbs ~Adoption Pending

This adorable, beloved senior is the sweetest boy!  He came into rescue, along with his litter mate Chip, when his elderly parents were suddenly unable to care for him and other family members couldn’t bring him into their existing pack.

Update April 11, 2020:

Chip and Dale

It’s an understatement to say we love all our Corgis and Corgi mixes, but the love we have for our seniors pulls at the heartstrings the most. A few weeks ago we were happy to report that our boys Chip and Dale were heading off for their trial adoption. Today, we’re thrilled to share that the trial adoption was a success, and these two officially have their forever home!

Congratulations, Chip and Dale – we wish you and your new Mom and Dad the happiest life together. We love you always!

Update March 23, 2020:


These are strange times for everyone, but our work in rescue continues! Yesterday, our wonderful volunteers came together (from a very safe distance, mind you) to ensure that our beautiful senior boys, Chip and Dale, could safely make their way to their forever home. They have begun their trial adoption with a family that opened their hearts to keeping the boys together. We hope to be able to make the adoption official for Chip and Dale in a few weeks!

Personality & Behaviors:

Dale’s ideal day would be to lie beside his human getting his belly rubbed and his ears scratched and playing his version of fetch. (He nudges his tennis ball with his nose for you to role it back to him.)  He is a senior pup who loves being outside when he can or keeping an eye on things from inside when he can’t.  He enjoys his sleep and is in no rush to get where he wants to go except when food is involved.   Dale’s been known to watch tv from time to time especially when animals are on.  He rarely barks.


Dale is housebroken and knows sit and come.  He walks well on leash and does well in the car, but his rides have not ventured beyond the vets office.  He is not crate trained, but is used to being gated while his humans are gone.


  • Up-to-date on vaccinations
  • Teeth cleaned and multiple extractions in 2019
  • Large Lipoma removed in 2019.
  • Seasonal eye allergies requiring medication
  • Occasional hot spots requiring medication
  • Still needs to lose weight


Dale loves people and people love him.  He enjoys meeting strangers, whether it is it friends, teenagers, the vet, pest control, AC, or handy man.  He is not friendly (growls) towards other dogs.  He has had a few scuffles with his brother Chip, so he need to be on a short leash when encountering other dogs on walks and at the vets office.  He has shown some guarding tendency with other dogs when food is involved.  He has not been cat tested. 

Forever Home:

Dale is a low energy pup who would do best as an only dog in a household with no young children where he can relax and get belly rubs and play fetch with his human(s) most of the day.  Adoption fee $125.

Learn about Southeast Corgi Rescue’s adoption process, FAQ, and download an adoption application at https://southeastcorgirescue.com/help-us-help-them/adopt/

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