6 year old ~ Female ~ Adopted by Fosters



Thanksgiving just got a little bit brighter for the SECR family – we’re thrilled to announce today that Daphne’s search for a forever family is over! She’ll be staying right where she is as the leader of her pack and has officially been adopted by her foster family.

Daphne’s developed a strong bond with her family over the last year, working with Mom and Dad to get a handle on food aggression and training issues, and learning what life is like with a built-in best friend – her brother, Crouton. Lucky for her – and for them – it was a match made in Corgdom.

Daphne, we’re so happy for you and your family and wish you a long and happy forever together.



This is a good time for us all to learn new skills, and in working from home with her foster Mom, Daphne figured out that she’s great on the phone!

Heard on a call just this morning: “Your call is very important to us! Please hold while we transfer you to the next available corgi.”

Any Corgis out there want to join Daphne’s customer service team?


Incoming! This beautiful black headed tri is our newest foster resident. An owner surrender, Daphne has been well cared for and well loved. She does well with adult humans and mellow male canine companions. She loves her food (what corgi doesn’t?) and has some bossy tendencies. Again. Corgi female. Daphne was surrendered because of issues with the children in the home. We look forward to getting to know you, Daphne!!

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