10 months old, adopted by fosters

UPDATE 8/9/2020:

When Gatsby joined SECR back in April, it didn’t take us – or him – long to realize that he struck it rich in his new home (aka, the West Egg). He got a wonderful family that was willing to do all it took to coach him through the wonders of being a Corgi pup, making sure he got all the necessary healthcare and training he needed to thrive. He bonded quickly with Mom and Dad and his human sister, and even found a new best friend in his canine cousin, Willie. This was a match made in forever and today we are happy to announce that Gatsby is moving up the ladder of life again. He has been officially adopted by his foster family! Congratulations, Gatsby, we’re all running zoomies for you and wish you and your family the best life together.

April 2020: Welcome Gatsby to SECR!

We’re excited to welcome the newest member of the SECR family, Gatsby! Gatsby came to us as an owner surrender because his previous family was unable to provide for the needs of a young pup. We are happy to have this handsome boy with us and will be spending some time getting him up to date on routine healthcare, neutering, and training. We’ll post more about Gatsby as we learn more about him, but for now it’s safe to say that this boy has worked his way up in the world and has officially struck it rich with a wonderful new foster home. We’ll call it the West Egg. 🙂