Female ~ 1 year old ~ Adopted

UPDATE 3/22/2020:


Hazel joined the SECR family in November as one of the smallest rescues from Operation Corgi Drop. We had some health concerns about her due to her small size and excessive bruising after her spay, but all her vet checks came out clear. This girl might be small, but what she lacks in size she certainly makes up for with her big personality! She showed her fosters that she’s a go-getter early on, loving to play in the yard, derp around with her foster brother, lounge on the couch, and mostly just wrap her foster parents around her paws. She was placed for trial adoption a few weeks ago, and it’s not surprising that she had the same impact on her new Mom and Dad, who say that Hazel is the “perfect Corgi.” This kind of news brightens our day, and we hope it does yours too! Hazel has been officially adopted and we wish her and her new family the happiest forever!


Dog #1 – Operation Corgi Drop

This very tiny but very curious girl loves to be outside in the grass but has found a comfy spot inside to take a nap. Because she is so tiny we were worried about possible health issues but her vet says she’s fine!! She tipped the scales at 11.5 pounds at her appointment yesterday.

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