Junie B.

Female ~ 3 year old ~adopted by foster


Junie B. adoption announcement

Junie B. came to SECR back in November as part of the huge rescue effort we like to call Operation Corgi Drop, when we saved 14 Corgis and brought them into safe and loving foster homes. Junie B. was the only “Mill Mama” of the group, and while we’ll never know for sure if she’s any of our other rescues’ Mom, all of us not so secretly hope that she is. Junie B. stole all of our hearts the minute she came to rescue, winning us over with her sweet disposition, love for her foster parents and foster brothers, Griff and Bo, and her determination to adjust to life as an inside dog with a loving home.

Transitions from mill life are often the hardest for former mill moms, and Junie certainly had her share of struggles with things like house training and learning to walk on a leash. But, she was lucky enough to get foster parents who were willing to put in all the effort that it takes to help her learn what she needed to learn and reach her full Corgi potential. Today, we’re happy to announce even more good news for sweet Junie B. – the foster family that has loved her since November officially gets to love her forever, as they have decided to adopt her! We couldn’t be happier for Junie, her Mom and Dad, and Griff and Bo, because we knew early on that this was a perfect match.

Congratulations, Junie! We are thrilled for you and your forever family and are so excited we could play a part in helping you live the good life!



Even when in quarantine, Saturdays should be for sleeping in. If you have questions about the right way to do it, Junie B. is offering virtual lessons at a discount!


Dog #11 – Operation Corgi Drop

It has taken a while to get pictures of Junie B.  She just won’t pose and is incredibly shy. That makes sense since she is an adult mill girl and the older ones often have more trouble adjusting. We do not know if she is ‘mom’ to any of the pups as we don’t get those records, but she has obviously had litters.

She is absolutely adorable, precious, and sweet.   ❤️  Welcome to SECR Junie B.  ❤️

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