7 years old, adopted by foster

Update November 2, 2020

♪ I got the sploot of a Corgi, low rider

Zooming through the backyard

‘Cause I’ve been adopted

And you’re gonna hear me howl

Louder, louder than a Beagle

‘Cause I’ve been adopted

And you’re gonna hear me howl ♪

This and more coming to you soon on Katy’s newest album release, “The Adopted Life.”

Since Katy joined the SECR family back in September her Foster Mom has been working with her non-stop to help her with resource guarding, training, and maintaining a healthy Corgi physique. They’ve spent a lot of time together, and it’s no surprise that they bonded quickly in the process. We’re thrilled to announce today that Katy has been adopted by her foster Mom and officially has her forever family!Congratulations, Katy! We hope you and your Mom have a long and wonderful star-studded life together. You deserve it!

September 12, 2020: Welcome Katy to SECR!

Please help us roll out the red carpet for our newest star, Katy!

Katy joins us as an owner surrender because her Mom is dealing with some health issues that prevent her from giving her the attention she needs to be the best Corg she can be. Katy just moved in with her fosters last night so we haven’t had her long, but we know she was loved and it shows. We’re happy we could step in to help her Mom make sure Katy thrives.

We’ll be working with Katy on resource guarding and training (she tends to get a little too overprotective of her people) and helping her stick to a healthy diet and exercise plan.

We’ll share more about Katy as we learn more about her.