~2 years old, Corgi Mix, Adopted by Fosters

UPDATE 8/11/2020:

To know Kipp is to love Kipp, and it’s pretty clear he just wants to give everyone some love right back. He joined SECR as a stray shelter pull in the Spring, and it certainly didn’t take him long to get used to the creature comforts of an indoor home, parents that love him unconditionally, and even canine and feline siblings. Kipp needed some help with socialization, and his doggy sisters River and Zena certainly gave him a work out. But, it turns out that Kipp also helped his sisters become more contented dogs in the process. River loves to share and play with Kipp, and Mom and Dad say 14-year-old Zena has started acting like a puppy again since Kipp arrived. When you add in the fact that even the cats give Kipp their approval, you know this was a match made in forever!

We’re excited to announce today that Kipp has officially been adopted by his fosters. Congratulations to the whole happy family – our Corgis will all be splooting in your honor tonight!

UPDATE 7/6/2020:

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

If you ask Kipp and his foster Brother, Bast, what their favorite flavor is, we’re pretty sure they’ll both tell you: “ALL the flavors, silly human!”

UPDATE 5/29/2020:

It’s important to start your weekend off on the right paw, and with that in mind we’re wishing you the happiest of Fridays with not one, not two, but THREE smiling puppers!

SECR foster Kipp (front right), happily adopted alum River (front left) and their sprightly sister Zena have the key to the good life figured out, and they’re letting you in on the secret – adopt or foster a Corgi!

UPDATE 3/27/2020:

Our newbie, Kipp, had his first vet appointment as an SECR rescue yesterday. He weighs in at a healthy 19.9 pounds but says he could really do without the nail trims, thank you very much! (That’s a common thing with pups, and his foster parents are working on making him more relaxed for his manicures.)

It’s been a busy week for this boy and a nice, comfy nap with his humans is just what the doctor ordered! 

Welcome Kipp to SECR!

The Corgis keep coming! Introducing our newest addition to the SECR family – Kipp! Kipp joined SECR in March 2020 as our most recent shelter pull, where he wound up as a stray. He’s 1.5 – 2 years old and a mix of Corgi and – while we’re not entirely sure – maybe Dachshund. What we do know for sure, though, is that Kipp is an incredibly sweet and lively little boy who’s pretty happy to have found himself a home. He’s in foster enjoying a life where he can play with other dogs and is slowly but surely learning about the resident cat! Kipp also loves his new foster humans and relishes in their praise and affection, and enjoys showing off his unique, sparkly eyes. They’re mostly brown, but you’ll spot some blue in one of them if you look closely enough! We’re still learning about Kipp and will post more as we do, but we’re happy we were able to rescue him and are certainly lucky to have him!