8 year old ~ Male ~ Adopted

UPDATE 4/27/2020:

Marlow adoption announcement

Last month we shared that Marlow’s adoption was going well, and that this sweet boy hand an unmistakable pride about being treated like the king of the world with his soon-to-be forever parents. Good things can grow even better with time, and today we’re excited to announce that Marlow’s trial adoption has officially become a forever adoption. Congratulations to you and your Mom and Dad, Marlow! We’re so happy about this match and wish you all the most wonderful forever together.

UPDATE 3/25/2020:


THIS is why we rescue.

We recently shared the news with you on Facebook that Marlow has begun his trial adoption at what we hope will be his new forever home. Today, we’re happy to report that the trial is going well, and Marlow feels like the king of the world with his new humans. Here he is hanging out with Dad (you’re never really isolated if you’ve got your Corgi!), and the look of pride on this sweet boy’s face is unmistakeable.

All of the Corgis that come to SECR become our family, and we take our responsibility to find them the perfect (for them) forever homes very seriously. It’s looking like we hit the nail on the head with this match – for both Marlow and his wonderful new parents to be – and we couldn’t be happier. This is why we do what we do.


Meet Marlow:   This happy boi has exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) so he does not digest food well, and is very thin. He will be switching to a higher quality diet, continuing his pancreatic enzymes, and will be seeing a vet soon for more direction on his care. Anything that he ingests has to be given in conjunction with pancreatic enzymes as his own pancreas doesn’t make them. This lack of digestive enzymes can lead to malnutrition, weight loss, and diarrhea. Despite his issues he is a sweet happy boi, and has already fit in well with his foster’s other dogs.

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