Male ~ 1-2 years old ~ Adopted

UPDATE 4/7/2020:

Maxwell adoption announcement

Maxwell joined the SECR family back in November as part of the Operation Corgi Drop “crew,” and today we’re excited to announce he’s also joined the ranks of another special club: the Adopted Corgi Club!

Maxwell was another of our pups that was lucky enough to head off for his trial adoption just before COVID-19 paused everything and it’s no surprise that trial quickly turned into an official forever! We’re so happy for Maxwell and his new family and wish them all the Corgi love we can muster!


Dog #5 – Operation Corgi Drop

This handsome boy didn’t care too much for his first ride in the car.  But his mood is much improved now that he no longer on the move!! We are so happy to see him smiling.

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Check out Maxwell’s facebook photo album — HERE