Male ~ 1 year old ~ adopted by fosters

UPDATE JUNE 12, 2020:

Peet adoption announcement

t’s been a busy morning already for Peet! After a good breakfast and some walkies in the yard, the little guy checked in on his sister, Jill (who is still recovering from ACL surgery), and had some one-on-one apprentice training with big brother Satchel. Then, Mom and Dad sat him down for the talk…

“Peet,” they said, “we have some good news! We’ve talked with Jill and Satchel and it’s official – you’re adopted!”

“I don’t know ‘dopted,” Peet said, “but if if means I can stay with my BFFs Jill and Satchel forever, that’s a pretty good thing, right?!

Yes, Peet. It’s a GREAT thing. And we couldn’t be happier to share your news with our Corgi fans!

Peet came to SECR as part of Operation Corgi Drop back in November, and he was the youngest and smallest of all 14 rescues. In addition to needing routine health care and a neuter, Peet’s had quite a journey taking care of dental and GI issues and training to address anxieties around new people. Luckily, he’s had an amazing foster family the whole way through that was willing to put in all the time and energy it took to get him on the right track. And it only helped things that he was able to develop such a quick bond with his older and wiser Corgi siblings.

It’s not a surprise that Peet’s story ended up with a match made in forever. We’re glad he’s exactly where he needs to be and wish him and his family all the Corgi love and happiness we can muster.

Congratulations Peet!



Hey, Corgi fans! Having a good weekend?

… You are now!

Happy Saturday, from Peet! 😊


Dog #13 – Operation Corgi Drop

This little man is tiny and tentative. The big wide world is a scary place! Peet wasn’t immediately placed with a foster as he was the smallest of the pups and we wanted to check him out at the vet before assigning him to his home. Yesterday was the big day and Peet passed his vet exam with flying colors so he’ll move on to his foster soon. It does look like he’ll have to have some puppy teeth removed a little down the road. We’re still waiting on the results of a bile test, but the vet doesn’t expect any complications. There just seems to have been a litter of very small corgis…. Welcome, to our little Peet! In case you’re wondering, Peet weighs 9.69 lbs.

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