12 years old, Adopted by foster


Official status change from Foster to Adopted?! Roger that!

This sweet boy joined the SECR family after his previous owner passed away, and we were lucky enough to place him in the perfect for him new home. His foster Mom saw him through his neuter and necessary dental work, and is giving him the care he needs for some minor arthritis. Most of all, though, she’s giving Roger the love he needs to be a happy, distinguished gentleman and he loves her right back.

We’re happy to report that Roger and his new Mom were a match made in Corg-dom and he’s with her to stay! We wish Roger and his Mom the happiest life together.

Welcome Roger to SECR!

Roger is 12 years young and comes to us following the death of his previous owners. In such unfortunate circumstances we are happy to be able to give Roger a home for his senior years. He arrived at his foster home and is settling in well, and will have a vet visit later this week. We’re hoping to get the all clear for a dental and neuter.