Male ~ 3-4 yr old ~ corgi mix ~ Adopted by foster



Ronin is checking in to share some good news about his early Christmas present – he’s been upgraded from Foster to Adoptee and has officially been adopted by his foster family!

Ronin got a rough start with SECR as he joined us following the death of his original owner, but he’s showed strength and resilience since Day 1, bonding quickly with his sister, Astrid, passing the “cat test,” and working with his Mom on weight loss and anxiety issues. This boy has been through a lot but we’re lucky he’s had a devoted foster family to see him through the tough times – and so many good ones – and are making it last forever!

Congratulations, Ronin. We wish you and your family the happiest forever together.

UPDATE MARCH 14, 2020:


It’s March 14th, and you know what that means – #piday  You may not want to give your Corg a whole pie as you celebrate math together today. But, you should definitely spare a few treats!

In case his fosters forget, Ronin has this handy bandana as a constant reminder.


In Japanese culture, a Ronin is a samurai who has lost his master. This sweet boy came to us after his owner passed away. Adorable in every way, Ronin is happy, friendly and gets along with other dogs. In the year prior to his owner’s passing, Ronin gained a lot of weight, most likely due to inactivity so we will be working on that in rescue. We also discovered he has separation anxiety and panics when left alone – again, most likely due to the circumstances of his past year or two. He is safe with a great foster and an awesome fur sibling so we will be allowing him plenty of time to get comfortable, decompress and get ready for a new forever home.